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Ps.Skinnar Thomson

Trinity Ministries India Provides biblicaly Sound Teaching and Training to Young Church Planters and Leaders With Well Experiences Faculty. I am Happy and Privileged to be Part of this Great Ministry.

Ps. Charles Joseph (Belgaum)

CPT has an Excellent curriculum which is Backed up and mentored by elders and Having right focus of Making disciples, this takes the students to missions. Also program that does not take the students to mission field is incomplete training program. But I found Trinity Ministry will focused in this regard.

Rev. Nitin Salve (Nagpur)

I m convinced CPT of Trinity Ministry is heavenly plan on Earth. I have experienced unprivilledged students from Maharashtra are remoulded to reach unreached. It is Faith based ministry. The syllabus is very well designed that the student is fully trained, equipped and taught the word of God by God fearing, experienced, renowned and expert faculties in Godly atmospere campus.

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