Pastor & Leaders

The objective is to develop an effective leadership that contributes to the strengthening of the leaderʹs ministry and the growth of the Church.

One of our must important commitments is "to make every believer a leader". All believers whether children, young people, men or women are potential leaders. They all must develop the character of Christ in order to experience how the Lord levels out those rough place in their lives. All are gifted to some degrees, yes, but the goal is that they are placed in Godʹs hands to be formed into effective instruments for the kingdom of God. His kingdom must be established in every life and as soon as we begin the task of helping them to accomplish this, we two can say "for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14)

We guide them into becoming leaders according to Godʹs own heart as well as to the demands to this modern world so that they will be able to meet the current needs of the church.  

Youth Ministry

The Objective is to prepare youth for a lifelong walk with Christ. We help youth become aware of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, to respond to Christ in a personal commitment of faith and to follow Godʹs will in the full meaning of church membership and christian discipleship. We also help youth increase their knowledge and understanding of Bible truths and to apply these truths in every area and relationship of life.  

Family Seminars

It will empower participants to cultivate right perspective towords Godʹs design for marriage and parenting and also how to build a happy and successful Christian family.

This seminar will given couples insight into:

  • Knowing how to receive and give unconditional love
  • Learning how to have all your needs met in Christ
  • Perceiving how male and female uniqueness contributes to oneness.
  • Understanding how to meet each other sexual wants and desires.
  • Maintainmg a love relationship that lasts a lifetime.
  • Resolving conflicts quickly
  •  Applying the most important aspects of forgiveness. 

Church planters learn how to communicate the Gospel in a way that is understandable and relevant to their culture. For example, church planters in the Philippines go door-to-door making personal contacts, learn about their neighbors, and invite them to a small group Bible study using Project Philip. In areas where other religions are strong, they build on friendships and relationships to share the Gospel. And in all places, church planters strive to show the love of Jesus Christ, especially in the midst of suffering or turmoil.

Children Ministry

The objective is to fill childrenʹs  minds with the word of God so they can grow to think the way God thins (wisdom) and live the way God commanded (obedience). We help children Trust Christ as savior, to submit to Him and to live as Christians at home, at school, at play or wherever they are. We help children grow from being self-centered to becoming Christ centered, focusing on other rather then on themselves. We also help create a christian community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and are committed to each other and to Jesus Christ.

Worship Ministry

Hebrews 13:15- "Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name".

Trinity ministries plans to conduct city worship programs once in 3 months every year. Through singing, shouting, clapping, dancing, bowing down, kneeling, lifting hands, or by serving others we put worship into an action that blesses God. What we do here on earth is a rehearsal for when we worship before Godʹs throne in heaven.

Music Class Ministry

Music is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and able themes, to inspire and elevate the soul. Music forms and part of Godʹs worship in the courts above and we should endeavor, in our songs of praise, to approach as nearly as possible to the harmony of the heavenly choirs. The proper training of the voice and the playing of various musical instruments is an important feature and trinity ministries plans to carry out this training. Let the glorious harmony of songs of praise and worship together with instrumental music ascend to God as an acceptable offering.